Upping the mileage in August

Photo says "August: 128.28 Miles" over a view of a boardwalk-like section in the woods at Trap Pond State Park.
I took this picture at Trap Pond State Park. I especially love this part of the trail. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

August was another busy month of running! Here’s how it went…

  1. I ran 128.25 miles. Getting further into training for the Marine Corps Marathon meant that I ran 128.25 miles in August. This was my highest monthly total since March.
  2. I ran two races. These were the Naylor Mill 7K, where I represented Team Bacon, and the Mike Sterling 10K, where I dressed as if it were 1979 for the 40th annual event.
  3. I ran in Florida. I ran every day of my trip to New Smyrna Beach, logging 29.3 miles in six days. This continued my streak of running in at least one new-to-me place each month during 2019.
  4. I ran a fast 1600. I ran my fastest mile in a while on the track, at 8:16. It’s basically a mile, but not quite — although my watch logged more than a mile.
  5. I participated in the Cupcake Run. This was a fun event held at the Salisbury City Park to celebrate my friend Trent’s daughter’s 7th birthday. There were so many cupcakes there, and it was a lot of fun!
  6. I went to yoga three times. One time was in Florida, another time I tried a new-to-me class — 26 & 2, and the other time I went to my usual Monday night yoga class.
  7. I didn’t go to the gym at all. Oops.

It was another successful month! September has already gotten off to a good start, too.

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