March Wrap-Up: A mostly-successful month of running interrupted by a slight injury!

If I’d run all the miles I’d planned for March, I think I would have ended up with my highest-mileage month again. However, an injury derailed that a little bit. I took that I believe is the smart route and rested some, and thankfully, the injury cleared up pretty fast. Here are some other things about my March running…

I ran 143.8 miles during March.
  1. I ran 143.8 miles. Although I did not run my highest-mileage month again, 143.8 miles is still a high-mileage month for me!
  2. I ran one race. This was the Tim Kennard River Run. I was happy with how I did, coming in just ahead of my time at this race in 2018.
  3. I ran the entire NCR Trail. This was a fun highlight for March, and I got to meet one of my 2019 goals! Read about the experience here.
  4. I did have a little trouble with an injury. I actually took a Lyft home from what was supposed to be my 10 Yasso 800s workout because I suffered pain in my left hamstring that came on quickly and seemed somewhat serious. Although I’m sure I could have made it the two miles home, I opted to take a ride instead. I ended up taking some rest days and skipping my last 20-miler of marathon training, which helped heal the injury. I also used ice, rolling and Arcanum CBD products.
  5. I ran at the Chapel Branch Nature Trail. This woodsy trail is in Seaford, Delaware. Read about my run here.
  6. I went to the gym once. I know I need to work on this, but at least I made it there once as opposed to zero times.
  7. I went to yoga three times. This included one time soon after that injury, and it seemed to help with getting me stretched out. I do need to work on getting there every week.

Next up is my Salisbury Marathon recap!

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