I started out 2019 with my highest-mileage January ever

Even though we’re already more than a third through February, I’m going to continue my monthly wrap-up posts. Here are some things to know about my January running.

I carved my January mileage into snow we got in early February — 131.67 miles.
  1. I ran 131.67 miles. That’s a pretty high-mileage month for me, so I figured it may be my highest January mileage ever logged. I looked back through the logs I’ve kept since 2011 on Excel (I did move this year’s to Google Docs), and I was correct!
  2. I got to be with friends for some of their longest-so-far runs. It has been fun to experience being part of some of my friends’ longest runs to date as they train for the Salisbury Half Marathon — using a plan I wrote!
  3. I didn’t run any races. I did not run any races in January, and that is fine by me. I like to take a little break from racing in the winter, and I have been able to focus on my marathon training. I also save money if I’m not traveling for races or paying for race entries — although I am able to run a decent amount of races for free, through opportunities like ambassadorships or pacing.
  4. I ran in two new-to-me places. These were the Mt. Vernon Trail in Arlington, Virginia, and the Schuylkill River Trail and Union Canal Towpath Trail in Reading, Pennsylvania.
  5. I went to the gym once, and I didn’t go to yoga. My good streak of going to yoga regularly that I was just getting started with was broken in January, because I didn’t go at all! It was a busy month, and I was really focused on getting my runs in. I also only made it to the gym once, but I can only improve from here!

Although I did a lot of running in January, there isn’t much else to say about it. On to the rest of February!

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