November wrap-up: A month of hitting mileage milestones

Another month of running has come and gone, and this was an exciting one when it came to my total mileage. 

  1. I ran 104.71 miles. Since I wasn’t really actively training for much other than to maintain my running for pacing the Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon this coming weekend, this was certainly helped along by participating in a challenge I’ll mention below.
  2. I hit my highest mileage ever for a year. With my run on Nov. 24, I surpassed my highest-ever yearly mileage — which had been 1,223.42 miles in 2016. And this was with more than a month left to go in the year! 
  3. I participated in fellow running blogger/BibRave Pro Angie’s #100miles challenge. In October, I ran 94.25 miles, so I thought Angie’s challenge sounded like a fun one, and something that would help keep me accountable. She created an Excel sheet and runners could log miles on the shared document. I made sure not to save too much running for the end, although I did pass the 100-mile mark on the last day of the month. And, I even got a headband from her and won a BUFF! Check out her blog here
  4. I ran one race. This was the Across the Bay 10K on Nov. 4. Read about my experience at that race here. An update from that post — the race now says they are going to send us the fifth medal with the flat edge that five-year runners originally expected. 
  5. I got to attend The Running Event in Austin with fellow BibRave Pros. If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen my posts about The Running Event. Stay tuned for a post about my experience as well as posts about the many products I received as part of TRE Influencer Day, which I got to be part of as a BibRave Pro. 
  6. I had two 30-mile weeks. I want to keep my between-marathon mileage higher, so I’m happy to report that I ran two 30-mile weeks in a row during November. 
  7. I ran in several different areas. During November, in addition to the race, I ran at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Trap Pond State Park and in Austin, Texas, with the BibRave Pros. 
  8. I went to yoga once. I need to get back to a regular schedule, but I did make it to one morning yoga class.
  9. I did two ab workouts. After I started getting lower back pain during a planksgiving challenge, I decided to stop. But I did do Jillian Michaels’ “6 Week Six-Pack” workout at home twice, and hope to get in a more regular pattern. 

I ended November with 2,002.2 of my 2018 kilometers for the year. I’m happy to report that I surpassed my 2018-kilometer goal with a long run on Dec. 1. 

I took this photo the day after I hit my highest yearly mileage ever (because I didn’t confirm I did that until I got home from that run). 

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