A run in Frederick’s Baker Park

Here I am running for a posed self-timer photo at Baker Park in Frederick on June 3.

I always like to run in places I haven’t before, so when I was in Frederick, Maryland, a month ago for a Road Runners Club of America Level 1 Coaching Certification Class, I made sure to get a short run in.

I passed the test today — so, I’ll write more about that once I’m officially certified with my CPR and First Aid certifications!

Here’s a view of Culler Lake from my run in early June at Baker Park. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I had run in the Frederick area before when I ran track in high school — and likely during cross country as well. I can’t remember which courses I may have run nearly 11 years later (wish I would have blogged back then!). As far as I know, though, I hadn’t ever run in Baker Park before this visit.

One of the RRCA coaching instructors had recommended Baker Park, so I decided to run there. The weather wasn’t too nice that weekend, but the weather for the run was still pleasant, and although this was a month ago, I don’t recall anything more than a little misting by the time I ran.

This was my first run since the Vermont City Marathon, so I took it easy, with a slow pace and stops to take photos.

IMG_8447I followed the paved paths and went around Culler Lake and Carroll Creek, enjoying the new-to-me scenery. After running in the park, I also ran in the downtown area. My run was three miles, so I didn’t travel too far.

It was relatively quiet the day I ran there, Sunday, June 3, but I do remember seeing another runner out.

It was a nice place to run and also nice that there was an expansive park so close to the downtown area.

Here’s another view of the trail. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

Learn more about Baker Park here.

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