December wrap-up: A cold month to close out the year

Here I am after one of my two treadmill runs during December. I’m not much of a treadmill runner, but this weather has been terrible! 

December was COLD!! I’m sure anyone who was in this region – or north of here, where it was even colder — already knows that. Before I recap the entire year, here are some other facts about my December running.

  1. I ran 105.44 miles. I’m glad I made it to 100 miles in a month for the fourth month this year in December! As I’ll discuss in my year in review post, I didn’t hit my 2017 mileage goal, but I’m still happy with this.
  2. I ran every day in December. As part of the Runner’s World Run Streak (and the simultaneous #WeavStreak), I ran at least a mile every day in December. Stay tuned for the streak recap post!
  3. I ran one race. This was the Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon, which I paced. I came in at 2:29:58 for my 2:30 pacing role. I had also planned to do the Ugly Sweater Free 5K Fun Run in St. Michaels, but after it snowed a decent amount that weekend, I opted to stay home and run with friends in Salisbury — still in my fun sweater — instead.
  4. I did a Hanukkah running streak. I ran from one up to eight miles on the eight consecutive days/nights of Hanukkah as part of a fun challenge that I made up. Read about it here. 
  5. I went to yoga four times. This included two Monday night classes and two Thursday night classes at Soul Yoga Studio.
  6. I went to the gym three times. This may not sound like a lot, but it’s actually my most since June, when I also went three times. So it’s still not a lot, but it’s good in comparison. This included two treadmill runs — which is rare for me, but I was getting tired of running in the cold (particularly the dark and cold).
  7. I had a little trouble with shin splints. My shin splints have come back on occasion and there was one run in December in which they were especially bad. I have since switched to a pair of new shoes and I’m hoping that will help.

Onto January!

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