November recap: A marathon and a milestone

After reaching the 1,000-mile milestone for 2017, I made “1,000” out of candy to commemorate the occasion. (Vanessa Junkin photo) 

It is now the last month of 2017! Before we get too far into December, though, I’m going to wrap up my November running.

  1. I ran 79.12 miles. Although it seems extremely unlikely I’ll meet my goal of running more than last year (I would need more than 180 miles to make it), I was fine with this month’s total. I took a full week off after my marathon, and I’m glad I gave my body time to rest.
  2. I ran two races. These were the Anthem Richmond Marathon and the weekend before that, the Across the Bay 10K. Read about my experience at each race by clicking on the race name.
  3. I hit the 1,000-mile milestone. Even though my goal was to surpass last year’s total of 1,223.42 miles, I still think hitting 1,000 miles in a year is worth celebrating — and I hit that number during November.
  4. I started the #RWRunStreak. This started on Thanksgiving, and I have run and will continue to run a mile or more per day through New Year’s Day. Here’s my post about starting the streak. 
  5. I’ve been doing way more runs in the dark. Since the time change, I’ve been doing the majority of my weekday runs in the dark. I prefer running when it’s light out, but luckily, I have my Knuckle Lights (which I tested for BibRave) and my Noxgear light-up vest — as well as running friends.
  6. I practiced yoga each Monday in November. I’m glad I was consistent about going this month; I like that it’s a regular part of my week.
  7. I only went to the gym once. This needs to change! It’s an expensive gym visit if I only make it in once in a month! This was for a barre class, which I really enjoy — I just wish there were a barre class on the weekend at the gym I go to.
  8. I only hit my water goal eight days. This is embarrassing, but at least there’s pretty much only room from improvement in December!
  9. I participated in 30 Days of Planksgiving again. Read all about that here.

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