I’m a Streaker — again!

I got this shirt during the last #RWRunStreak. The hashtag is on the back of the shirt. I took this photo after my run today (I didn’t run in the shirt).

Sometimes, I really like a full rest day. But I enjoy the challenge of the Runner’s World Run Streak — also known by the hashtag #RWRunStreak. It seems to be about the perfect length of time for me, and it’s something fun and different to do rather than try to go for a fast time or rack up a certain number of miles.

The latest Runner’s World Run Streak started on Thanksgiving and goes until New Year’s Day. Participants need to run at least a mile during each of the 40 days.

There’s plenty of support if you’re looking to participate.

There’s also a Strava group and other places to connect, but the above links are good starting points. I am also checking in on Facebook with fellow members of Delmarva Moms Run This Town.

During my last winter streak, I was training for The Louisiana Marathon, and I racked up a ton of miles: 195.49 in 39 days. I think it’s unlikely I’ll run that much during this streak, but I have run 17.31 miles during the streak so far. I’m thinking I will be able to at least run over 100 miles during the streak, hopefully more.

Read about my previous streaks here:

Like I have done with the previous streaks, I will be posting each day on Twitter (@vanessajunkin) using the hashtag #RWRunStreak. Then, I’ll compile them at the end.

I’m looking forward to using this streak as a reason to get out the door and have some fun in the process! I’m also thinking I’m going to do a special Hanukkah streak where I will run 1 mile on the first night of Hanukkah, increasing each day until I run eight miles on the eighth night. It should be fun!

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