February: An exciting month in my running life!

Here I am in my new Algonquin 50K hat and XX2i France2 sunglasses, along with a trusty 11:30 Club shirt.

I did run the Tim Kennard River Run yesterday, but before I get to that post, I have to wrap up February’s running. It’s a little later than usual for my monthly wrap-up, but better late than never, right?

  1. I ran 87.11 miles. While not a super-high mileage month for me, I did take six days completely off after running the Algonquin 50K (see next number!)
  2. I ran my first ultramarathon. I ran the Algonquin 50K on Feb. 11. Read all about it here.
  3. I became a BibRave Pro. I’m really excited to be representing BibRave as a BibRave Pro. I’ve already received two items that I’ve been testing (XX2i France2 sunglasses and SmellWell pouches) and will also be running two races for BibRave so far this year (the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington D.C. half marathon coming up this weekend and the Crystal City Twilighter 5K in July. Read more about BibRave and how you can be involved here.

  1. I went to the gym four times. Again, I took off some time after my 50K, so I was glad to make it to the gym four times after joining on the last day of January — twice for early spin classes and twice for barre classes.
  2. I’ve been keeping up with yoga. I took five yoga classes at Soul Yoga Studio during February, and I have been enjoying my practice.
  3. I met my water goal 14 out of 28 days. I still have room for improvement, clearly, but this is slightly better than last month because even though I hit the goal the same number of days, the month was shorter. There was also one day I wasn’t sure about.

It’s a little hard to believe it’s already March 6! The Tim Kennard River Run recap will be up next.

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  1. Congratulations on your first Ultra. It was fun to finish the last few miles with you. Keep working on that water goal (I log my water intake daily) it’s a good goal that provides a foundation for the rest of your goals. Hope to run again with you soon. Colette

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