Exciting announcement: I’m a new BibRave Pro!

I’m a new BibRave Pro for 2017!

I am excited to announce that I am a new BibRave Pro for 2017! If you’re familiar with #BibChat on Twitter, you probably already know what a BibRave Pro is. If not, BibRave Pros are a group of runners from all across the country and beyond who wear bright orange BibRave shirts and Buffs, participate in and review races, and test and review running gear.

I applied to be a BibRave Pro this year after a few years of participating in #BibChat. The community is awesome, even just as a participant in the chats. My first chat as a Pro will be this Tuesday night, Feb. 7.

As a BibRave Pro, I’ll be reviewing my races on BibRave.com. But you don’t have to be a Pro to review races — anyone can create an account and let other runners know what you loved or didn’t like about a race. You can also browse other reviews to help you. Click here for a link to my BibRave account.

I also now have a new page on my blog: Race & Gear Discounts. Browse races and products here before signing up to see if you can get a discount! I will be updating this page as there are additional races and products added.

In addition to the website, you can check out BibRave on social media.

I have also been listening to the BibRave Podcast. I listen via the Podcasts app on my iPhone, but you should be able to find it on other platforms as well. Hosts Julia and Tim have a fun conversation on each edition, including talking about their races/training, interviews and workouts.

I’m looking forward to getting more involved with the BibRave community and hopefully the opportunity to meet some other BibRave Pros in person at races. It will also be fun to check out some new races and running-related products. Stay tuned!

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8 thoughts on “Exciting announcement: I’m a new BibRave Pro!

  1. hey, congrats!! looks like they are partnering with Competitor Group this year too, so hopefully that means you can participate in a RnR race near you! I’ve been an RnR Rock’n’Blogger for a couple of years and RnR is truly my favorite series of races!! I don’t see BibRave here in Europe, though maybe I just haven’t been on the lookout! in any case, well done and have a great time being a PRO!

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    1. Awesome! I know BibRave is based in Portland, Oregon, and most of the Pros seem to be American with a few Canadians and at least one Australian, but I think there is at least one and maybe a few European BibRave Pros! I actually got into Rock ‘n’ Roll DC through the partnership. It’s on March 11 and I’ll be doing the half– I’m excited!!


      1. ohhh!! I can’t wait to hear what you think about RnRDC! if you can (and you like that sort of thing) definitely try to meet up with the werunsocial group before/ after the race! There are some very nice people from Rock’n’Blog who will be there (that I’ve personally met myself). Super happy for you!!

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  2. Congratulations and I’m excited to be joining the class this year as well 🙂 Nice job on getting the blog updated, I need to go catch up on mine now!


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