January running wrap-up

Here I am with my new Momentum Jewelry Motivate Wrap with my blog’s name on it. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

A few days into February, it’s past time for the January running wrap-up! The most exciting running-related thing I did during January was run a marathon, but here’s the rundown.

  1. I ran 90.66 miles. Even with taking some days off after the marathon and with a light week beforehand, I ran 90.66 miles in January. I’m happy with that.
  2. I ran The Louisiana Marathon. This was my 26.2-mile-at-age-26.2 race! Read the recap here. It was my only race of January.
  3. I did a couple snow runs. These were back on Jan. 7 and 8. Other than around that time, we’ve had a pretty mild winter here.
  4. I met my water goal 14 of 31 days. I’m hoping to do a little better in February of meeting my daily water goal of 2,225 ml (a little more than 75 oz). If I drink three large bottles of water, I can meet this goal.
  5. I did a decent amount of other types of exercise. This included five yoga classes and two barre classes — one of those barre classes was at Crooked Hammock Brewery, which was fun. (Added bonus: I also happened to win $100 in gift cards to Crooked Hammock!)

Onto the rest of February!

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