I’m streaking again!

Here’s a picture of my watch after running on Thanksgiving, the first day of the streak. Mike and I did our own 5K after volunteering that morning at the Turkey Trek.

If you know me, or even if you just know that this is a running blog, you probably read that headline and figured streaking refers to a run streak and not streaking as in running around naked.

And if that is what you figured, you were right. I’m now six days into a Thanksgiving-to-New-Year’s-Day running streak.

It started out particularly strong, because I had four days off in a row and was able to log 29.21 miles during that time, helped along by the 16-mile long run I did on Saturday.

For the streak, I just need to run a mile or more per day. Some days I plan to just run a slow mile for recovery. Not every day will be a long or hard run.

This will be my third running streak. I wasn’t necessarily planning to do this one — it’s a Runner’s World Run Streak — but once I commented on the Delmarva Moms Run This Town group that I was thinking about doing it, I was easily convinced. That group is participating in the streak, too, and there’s a daily check-in.

Read about my previous #RWRunStreak here.

After this streak ends on New Year’s Day, I’m not planning to continue running every day. I want to take some full rest days before I run The Louisiana Marathon on Jan. 15.

But, it’s a nice motivator, particularly around the holidays, which bring with them plenty of holiday treats.

Like my last #RWRunStreak, I’m posting a tweet once per day, this time with the hashtags #VJRunStreak, #RWRunStreak and #DMRTTStreakers. I’m planning to make them into a Storify once the 39 days of running are complete.

I’ll be back to check in after 14 more days, when the streak will be halfway over.

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