Westminster run includes hills and a trail

Here’s a view from the Wakefield Valley Community Trail in Westminster, Maryland. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

A few days out of town meant that I got a chance to run in some different places over the past few days. On Friday, I ran in Westminster, and on Saturday, I ran on the NCR Trail in Baltimore County. These are both places I’ve run before, but it’s been a while — both of these places are about to get new entries on my Scenic Runs page.

Here’s one of the hills I tackled during Friday’s run. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I stayed at my sister’s apartment in downtown Westminster, and I saw that right across from her apartment was a big hill. So, I decided I would work some hills into my run, which was easy to do, unlike here in Salisbury. (And that’s not the running the hills part, but finding hills to run on.) After going up that hill and circling around, I continued up Main Street toward McDaniel College — known as “The Hill.”

Once I went up and down by McDaniel, I realized I was not far from the Wakefield Valley Community Trail, and I decided to continue onto that trail. It’s 2.1 miles, according to the City of Westminster website. I ran on the trail from Uniontown Road for a little more than a mile and then turned around and ran back to the start of the trail before continuing back to my sister’s apartment.

This trail is paved, and there were other people out enjoying the day. It felt like a perfect day for a run, and my Garmin logged the run at 55 degrees — perfect, indeed. The trail does include some hills, but they were much smaller than the ones I encountered on the roads.

Here’s a hill leading up to McDaniel College in Westminster, known as “The Hill.” (Vanessa Junkin photo)

While the peak fall leaves season seems to be over, I was still able to see some nice colors on my run, and it was interesting to run in a different place and challenge myself with the hills. When I went up a large hill on Uniontown Road back toward the downtown, I had to stop and walk — it was tough! The following day, I could tell that I had worked the muscles in my butt by pushing myself up these hills.

During my 5.1-mile run, during which I went slowly and stopped to take pictures, I had 326 feet of elevation gain, according to my watch.

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