Six facts about my August running

Here are the first two cents I found while running, on Aug. 28. These coins were together by the water fountain at the Salisbury City Park. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

If I were to take a poll of runners ready for some cooler weather, I would suspect the numbers would be high in favor of fall. It’s been such a hot summer! I run in all types of weather, although this has meant going slower, walking some during runs, carrying a water bottle and sweating up a storm. With August ending today, here are six facts about my August running.

  1. I ran 84.79 miles. Not reaching 100 again is putting me a little further behind on my goal of 1,200 for the year, but I’m confident I’ll be able to make it happen when it isn’t so hot out. I feel good about this number for how hot it was this August.
  2. I didn’t get in too many long runs. I was able to get in two 10-milers, one of which involved a decent amount of walking. The heat has definitely had an impact on my distances.
  3. I did two races. These were the Summer Cross Country 5K Series (first one) and the Salisbury Fire Department Downtown 5K Fun Run.
  4. I went on my first paid run. Inspired by Kristen of Jonesin’ for a Run, I have been looking for change while out on runs. Other members of Delmarva Moms Run This Town do this as well. My first two cents came to me when I wasn’t even looking this month.
  5. I got back into speed workouts. After missing a few, I’ve gone to the past three Monday track workouts with members of Midshore Multisport.
  6. I’m consistently doing abs workouts. I made it a mission to do Jillian Michaels’ “6 Week Six-Pack” on Wednesdays. There were five Wednesdays in August, and I did the workout five times, three of which were on Wednesdays. The other days were makeup days on a Sunday and a Friday, but I was happy to get the workout in all five times. One thing that’s helped me has been putting on a TV show to distract me as I do the familiar workout.

I’ll be running two more races in the next three days — the Run, White and Blue 5K and the Mike Sterling Crab Derby 10K — so be on the lookout for more posts.

Oh, and P.S. I have not kept up with the push-ups, so much so that I forgot to even include them in this roundup. I will let you know if I get back to that!

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