May and June Running Wrap-Up: Many miles in May and a marathon in June

Now that we’re nearing the end of July, May seems like so long ago. But in keeping with my monthly wrap-ups, I’ll be recapping both May and June!

  1. I ran 142.7 miles in May and 68.05 miles in June. I ran a lot in May as I trained for Grandma’s Marathon — my highest monthly mileage this year so far — and then I took off 13 days after running the marathon in June to try to jump start healing of plantar fasciitis, so that’s why my June mileage was lower.
  2. I ran my monthly fast 1600s in 8:57 in May and 9:09 in June. I’ve been continuing to run 1600 meters at the track at the beginning of each month to test my speed. Although my June time was a little slower than May’s, I was happy to bring the times down from 9:25 in April.
  3. I did two races in May and one in June. I participated in the Run for the Animals 10K, the Ben Layton 5K and Grandma’s Marathon. The 10K was a little over an hour away and the 5K was right down the street, but I traveled to two new states (Minnesota and Wisconsin) during my trip to Duluth, Minn., for Grandma’s Marathon. This was the 10th state in which I’ve run a marathon.
  4. I started the Tour de Salisbury. Although most of my running for my third Tour de Salisbury has been in July, I started this journey of 12 Delmarva courses in June and ran the Chincoteague and Schumaker legs and started a few others.
  5. I made it under 19:00 for two miles. Before the heat really kicked in this summer, in May, the 11:30 Club helped me run two miles in under 19:00, with a time of 18:56. This was my fastest two-miler since April 2021.
  6. I ran in some cool places with cool people. In addition to the Tour de Salisbury runs and my trip to Duluth, I also ran at the NCR Trail and the Gunpowder North Trail. For my NCR Trail run, I met up with the NCR Trail Snails/Baltimore Road Runners Club and ran about four miles with them as part of a long run. I also ran with the Eastern Shore Running Club, the 11:30 Club and local friends.
  7. I continued doing yoga. I took three yoga classes in May and five in June.
  8. I started doing more strength training. I got a DribbleUp six-pound medicine ball to use for at-home strength training in April, but I started using it more during my time off from running am trying to keep that up. I can feel the workouts, even with what seems like a relatively small weight. I did one workout with the ball in May and two in June during my time off from running.

July has been busy with plenty of Tour de Salisbury runs — and more. Stay tuned!