June running wrap-up: Another 100-mile month and fun running locations

Photo of paved path through greenery and trees with text reading "June" and "100."
I ran 100 miles in June. This photo is from the Island Nature Trail on Chincoteague Island.

It took me a while to get to my first 100-mile month in 2021, but once I did it in May, I did it again in June. There were a lot of miles crammed in at the end, but I made it happen, and I had a good running month with some fun locations for runs.

  1. I ran 100 miles. Getting in 8.2 miles on the last day of June (split into morning and evening runs because of the heat and humidity), I met my goal of running 100 miles in June for the eRACE Racism challenge (I was part of a two-person team going for 200).
  2. I participated in four virtual events. These included the eRACE Racism challenge, the Cascade Run Off Redux 15K, the start of the Race Across Maryland and the start of the Tour de Salisbury (which is not quite virtual but also not an in-person race).
  3. I ran in several locations. Thanks to the Tour de Salisbury, I ran in various locations in June. My Tour de Salisbury runs last month included the Bennett Mile (where I’ve already been running each month), Pemberton Park, the Naylor Mill Forest Trail, the Ocean City Boardwalk, Chincoteague, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge and the newly-named Somerset Terrapin Run Trail. Apart from the Tour de Salisbury, I also ran at the NCR Trail/Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail.
  4. I ran with lots of people. In addition to running in various locations, I am also getting a chance to run with different people because of the Tour de Salisbury. Of course, I always run with people during the twice-weekly Eastern Shore Running Club evening group runs as well.
  5. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:41. This was my slowest 1600 of the year, but it was certainly still a fast run for me, and I’m keeping up my goal of running a fast 1600/mile at the beginning of each month. This was also the Bennett Mile segment of the Tour de Salisbury. I expected losing a little speed in the summer for my 1600s because of the heat and humidity.
  6. I ran a 5K for speed. It wasn’t a race, but I went out for a fast 5K and ran 33:05. This was just four days after I tried to run a fast 5K and ended up with a time of 35:58 — I felt I could run faster.
  7. I got back into a regular yoga practice. I returned to in-person indoor yoga and went to four classes at Meta Yoga in June.

I’ve been continuing the Race Across Maryland and Tour de Salisbury in July, and it has been a great running month so far. Stay tuned!

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