Product Review: Try new running gear and fuel with the Ready.Set.MOVE. subscription box

Here I am after a recent run with the Mueller Kold Towel around my neck, the SPIbelt around my waist, the Bracoo calf sleeves on and the Chafe Safe wipes, CBD gems and Nuun in my hands.

Disclaimer: I received two Ready.Set.MOVE. boxes to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

Are you the kind of runner who loves testing out different kinds of gear? The Ready.Set.MOVE. box offers a good mix of different types of running fuel and other products.

I received two boxes to review and promote as a BibRave Pro. I received the January box in March (once our campaign began — it wasn’t late) and the April box two weeks ago. There are so many items in the boxes that I haven’t even used everything yet.

In the January box were, in no specific order:

In the April box were, in no specific order:

Some of the brands with items included in the boxes I was very familiar with, like Brooks — I’m part of the Brooks Run Happy Team — Nuun, La Colombe and SPIbelt. Others were new to me.

The boxes are shipped quarterly. Each box is filled with items valued at $100-plus, and each box is $49.99, so even if not everything works for you, it’s still a deal and an opportunity to try out lots of different products and see what you like. There is also a discount for purchasing a year of boxes at once (four boxes for $179.99).

And, if you’re starting a new subscription, you can use code “BibRave10” to save $10 on your first box.

January Box

My first Ready.Set.MOVE. box. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I’m pretty sure the first item I tried from the January box was the La Colombe drink, which I already knew I liked because I’ve had it before. I also had the Honey Stinger waffle and one of the Floyd’s recovery protein drinks early in the testing period. I had the waffle before a run and the protein drink (I mixed the packet of powder with water) afterward. I tried the chocolate first and I think I ended up adding more water than it said, as the flavor was a bit strong.

Thankfully, I haven’t really had injuries lately (knock on wood), so I haven’t used the KT Tape sample pack yet, but that won’t go bad, so I can use it when I need it. If I end up waiting till the Pemberton 24 to use it, I am sure the blister prevention strips will come in handy. There’s also a PRO wide strip, recovery patch and PRO extreme strips in the pack.

I have used the KT Recovery+ roll-on gel. I don’t often get in too much pain from running, but I didn’t even know that KT Tape made products other than the tape, and I liked the cool feel of the gel. Floyd’s of Leadville/Floyd’s On The Go was a new-to-me brand, and I liked the lavender smell of the CBD recovery balm. For me, it’s always a little tough to feel the effects of CBD — maybe it’s the amount.

I always enjoy Nuun — I like to hydrate with it pre-run or race. My go-to flavor is the strawberry lemonade, but I like the fruit punch as well; it’s never a problem to change it up.

I ran with the SPIbelt and calf sleeves on a recent run. I already knew I liked SPIbelt and I used one for a long time, though now I normally run with shorts that have pockets. However, not all of my running tights have pockets, so that will be even more helpful in the winter. The calf sleeves I liked — I’m not always able to tell if compression products are working, but these I actually could feel, particularly after the run, so I think that was a good thing.

Because I received the January box in March (once our campaign began), I didn’t get to use all of the items yet, as some are best for the winter months. I don’t think I have run in the dark since the time change, and it was also starting to get warmer by March. For example, I was going to try out the Brooks headband, but it was an ear warmer, which I didn’t need in the warmer weather — of course, I will save it for when it gets colder. I also haven’t used the strobe light yet, but I think that will be great to have.

The SPIbeams LED hat I actually have already tested as a BibRave Pro (see review here — discount code no longer active). Since I don’t need two, I plan to give the new hat to someone in my running club. I also gave the stickers to someone who has a connection to Pittsburgh who mentioned something about them on one of my posts.

April Box

My second Ready.Set.MOVE. box. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

The first thing I tried out of the April box was the Bob’s Bar, which I loved. I had heard of Bob’s Red Mill and have had some of their products, but I didn’t realize they made bars. I would like to buy more as I like having bars on-the-go (or anytime!), but they are sold out on the website and not available on Amazon at a reasonable price (aside from the multi-flavor pack, which I might try). I haven’t tried the almond powder yet, but I’d like to try putting it in a smoothie, and there’s also a recipe on the bag for an almond butter.

I haven’t put them on my shoes yet, but I think the SPIbeams reactors are really cool, and I look forward to using them once I’m running in the dark more often. They are small lights that go on your shoelaces. When I drop the box, they light up green. I was hit by a car in January running at night, and I am all for anything that can make me more visible.

The KT Performance+ Chafe Safe Anti-Chafing Wipes also caught my attention, as I often have problems with chafing and had never seen a chafing product in a wipe form. I’ve used them on three runs so far, and while I have not completely avoided chafing (the longer the run, the less likely it is for me to avoid chafing, even while using a product), the product has been useful. While I was typing this, I also just thought that it would be a great idea to bring one of these wipes along on a long run. A wipe in an individually-wrapped package is much more portable than a stick or tube.

I also tried the Mueller Kold Towel after a recent run. It’s a cooling towel that will be particularly nice to use in the summer. I did leave it in the sink and noticed that some of the color was removed in one spot, so don’t do that — but I don’t really care what color it is, as long as it helps cool me down.

Again, I enjoyed the flavor of the Nuun. The flavor combination in this La Colombe drink wasn’t for me, but I have a major sweet tooth, so not being sweet enough for me may have contributed.

With so many products, I could write about them for a while. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer.

Interested in subscribing? Visit this page and remember to use code “BibRave10.” Boxes ship on the 25th of January, April, July and October. There are other boxes available on the website, too, though the code is only good for new subscribers — not individual boxes.

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