October Running Wrap-Up: Birthday runs and more

View of lower legs/feet (running shoes and candy corn leggings) on a leafy ground background with the text "October 88.69"
On Halloween, the last day of the month, I ran in my candy corn leggings.

The last blog post I wrote was actually my September running wrap-up in mid-October! This has definitely been a quieter year because of COVID-19, but I still have some fun things to write about when it comes to my October running.

  1. I ran 88.69 miles. This was my lowest-mileage month of 2020 so far (March had been the lowest, at 90). I’m pleased with the mileage, though — I needed some lighter weeks after the Pemberton 24.
  2. I celebrated my birthday through runs. On Oct. 27, I entered a new age group — the 30s (30-34 or 30-39). I celebrated by running 10.27 miles the day before in Rehoboth Beach and Henlopen Acres, as I decided I didn’t want to run 30 miles or 30K. On my actual birthday, I ran in the shape of a “30,” which was just over two miles.
  3. I completed 100 percent of the roads in Henlopen Acres. Because the Bottle & Cork 10 Miler goes through Henlopen Acres and the town only has 11 streets, I’d already completed 54.55 percent of the town’s streets. So, during my 10.27-mile run on Oct. 26, I completed the rest of the streets in Henlopen Acres that I had not run to finish out this town. Although it was a much smaller undertaking than Salisbury (which I’m still working on — I’m at 88.39 percent now — here’s my earlier post on that), it was fun to hit 100 percent!
  4. I made it to two Eastern Shore Running Club morning runs. I am usually there to lead the Eastern Shore Running Club’s evening runs at 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but mornings and me do not mix. However, I made it to my first ESRC morning run on Oct. 23 at 5 a.m. — and then returned the following Friday in the rain.
  5. I did yoga twice. I’d like to get into a better habit, but I have preferred the outdoor or indoor/outdoor classes, and soon, it will get too cold for those. However, I have enjoyed the classes I’ve participated in.
  6. I did some other exercise. While in Rehoboth, I went for a bike ride with my boyfriend, Mike, which is something I’d like to do more of. I also got in a few short walks.
View of watch showing a route in the shape of a "30" on wrist in front of a blurred beach background.
Here’s a view of the “30” shape I ran on Rehoboth Beach’s streets on my birthday, Oct. 27.

Onto the rest of November and the first races in my new age group!

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  1. I love that you’ve run nearly all the roads in Salisbury. That’s so cool! I really like your monthly wrap-ups and hope you don’t mind if I start a similar practice on my own blog. 😀

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