September running wrap-up: 1,000 miles down in 2020, two in-person races and more

September was a pretty busy month of running for me. My last run of the month not only got me to 100 miles for the month, but 1,000 for the year.

  1. I ran 101.31 miles. Thirty-one of these miles were at the Pemberton 24, which included both running and walking.
  2. I did two in-person races and one virtual. The in-person races were the Mike Sterling 10K and the aforementioned Pemberton 24, at which I ran 10 5Ks in 24 hours. I also ran the virtual Run, White & Blue 5K.
  3. I ran in a few different areas. In addition to the race locations, I ran in Crisfield a couple days before I did the 10K (when I went for packet pickup), at the Hashawha trails in Westminster and in Ocean City.
  4. I started doing some speed work. I started doing speed work at the Tuesday night Eastern Shore Running Club runs with my friend Olivia. We did 800s twice during September.
  5. I took three yoga classes. This included an indoor/outdoor class at Meta Yoga, an outdoor class with Soul Yoga and an outdoor kundalini class, which I’d never tried before, with Soul Yoga.

After a blood donation at the end of August, it took me a few weeks to feel back to normal again, but I’m feeling well now, even though I’ve been a little lazy since Pemberton (which, in my opinion, is totally OK).