June running wrap-up: A month of virtual events

Photo of Vanessa Junkin posing in orange and white tank top and blue shorts against a rural-looking backdrop with trees and clouds. The image includes the text "June 102.29," representing the amount of miles I ran.

Things are still a bit weird in the midst of COVID-19, but I’m kind of getting used to the way things are now, and overall, it was a good month!

  1. I ran 102.29 miles. Passing the 100-mile mark on the last day of the month, I ran 102.29 miles during June.
  2. I ran six legs of the Tour de Salisbury. The Tour de Salisbury includes 12 courses in and around Salisbury. I’m participating in this event that runs June 1-July 31, and in June, I ran half of the legs: the Salisbury City Park, Cherry Walk, Pemberton Park, Salisbury University, the Airport loop and Blackwater.
  3. I began running in the Race Across Maryland. I’m part of the Eastern Shore Running Club social team for the virtual Race Across Maryland, and I chose a goal of running 250 miles in 60 days (participants could choose 250 or 100 miles). Since my May total mileage was 128 but it’s often less than that when I’m not training for a race, 125 miles per month is a good stretch for me and will keep me running. From June 15-30, I ran 55.92 miles.
  4. I participated in the Global 24 Hour Relay. Read more about this virtual event, which I participated in through BibRave, in my blog post.
  5. I improved my summer mile time. I participated in Round 2 of Run Farther & Faster’s Pandemic Improvement Project, in an effort to further improve my mile time. I was able to run 8:18 on May 19, for my second mile of the first project, but both of my miles in June didn’t quite match up to that. However, I was pleased that my first mile of the second project, 8:45 on June 5, was faster than my initial first mile in April. I was also glad to improve that time to 8:39 on June 30.
  6. I’ve been doing run-walk intervals for almost all my runs. The heat and humidity has really been getting to me, and run-walk intervals help — at least, they do for me. Doing intervals such alternating four minutes of running with one minute of walking (and it’s not always the same intervals) helps me have something to look forward to and break up what could be a miserable hot run.
  7. Eastern Shore Running Club group runs returned. After about three months off because of COVID-19, the running club I’m heavily involved with, ESRC, is back with modified group runs! Learn more here.
  8. I connected with fellow BibRave Pros at a virtual summit. This included a scavenger hunt run, a TikTok challenge and Zoom sessions. Read more here.
  9. I went to two outdoor yoga classes. I still feel more comfortable exercising (and doing whatever I can) outside, so I was glad to make it to two outdoor yoga classes in June, one with Meta Yoga and one with Soul Yoga.

Onto more hot-weather running during the rest of July!