Explore Somerset County’s new 413 Rail to Trail

Here’s a view from a shaded section of the 413 Rail to Trail.

For my second running excursion outside of Salisbury once the stay-at-home order was lifted, I traveled to Somerset County’s new trail along Route 413. I’d heard about the trail and had seen it when I ran at Janes Island in March, and wanted to come check it out on a run.

Like at Janes Island, this trail was an easy place to keep a social distance from others. I only saw three people on the trail during my eight-mile run.

I went to the trail May 30, driving along Route 413 and looking for a good place to park. I didn’t see anywhere ideal to park, so I ended up going to the end of the trail that was the furthest from Salisbury, which was before I really got into the “downtown” part of Crisfield and on the left (coming from the north, heading toward Crisfield). There was a small parking lot there.

It was a hot day, and like I’ve been doing for most of my runs recently, I did run-walk intervals.

I took this selfie during my run on the 413 Rail to Trail on May 30.

Of course, being in the Crisfield area, the trail was flat. I’m not kidding — once I did the elevation correction on Garmin (because my watch has elevation issues), only 3 feet of elevation gain were logged. The trail was paved for about the first 3.4 miles of my run. I kept running, and there was a mulch area before the trail turned into crushed stone. The trail is still being constructed, and I had to go around a couple construction machines.

I turned around when I got to four miles, in Marion Station, and headed back, running a total of eight miles.

Some areas of the trail were shaded, but I would say most of the part I ran was pretty open. So, you may want to go earlier than I did in this summer heat and humidity. I started my run that day just before noon.

I took this photo early in my run on the 413 Rail to Trail.

The trail is in progress, and when completed, it will be 12 miles one-way (see a map here).

I recently got the tube on my bike tire fixed, and I’d like to ride my bike on the paved part, as well. I’d like to cycle more, but I’m also a bit uneasy about riding on busier roads and I’m not an extremely experienced cyclist, so the paved trail might be a perfect spot for me.

Here’s a view of an open section of the 413 Rail to Trail, with Route 413 shown at right.

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  1. It’s nice you got to run somewhere else! I’ve been wanting to do more biking, but like you, I’m not experienced enough for the busy roads around here so I’ve been sticking to the dykes- they’re great!

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