May Running Wrap-Up: A run or walk every day

I got this selfie during my run at the Inner Harbor on the last day of May.

I was active each day in May and definitely got reintroduced to the heat. It was a good month, though.

  1. I ran 122.2 miles. I continued my streak of hitting 100-plus miles a month each month this year with 122.2 May miles.
  2. I walked or ran every day in May as part of the BibRave Run Streak. The BibRave Run Streak with Strava allowed walking, so I did take advantage of that, but it was nice to move at least a mile every day in May. There were five days I chose to walk (I didn’t count the just-walking mileage with my running mileage, although I do count run-walks), which means I ran 26 days.
  3. I ran two races. These were the eRace the Stigma 5K and the St. Michaels Running Festival Half Marathon. My times at both were slower than last year, but I had fun!
  4. I had to adjust to running in the heat. I had one really tough eight-miler in May, which was originally a 10-miler. I also struggled some at the St. Michaels Running Festival. While the heat is never my temperature of choice, I do think I’ve adjusted some so far.
  5. I ran in three different places outside of Salisbury. I ran from Cedar Hill Marina and Park in Bivalve, in Powellville and at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. The Eastern Shore Running Club had a group run to warm up the Nanticoke Triathlon run course in Bivalve early on in the month, and I did that before volunteering in the rain. Then, for my new-to-me spot, I traveled to Powellville. A two-mile Inner Harbor run was the day before the Baltimore 10 Miler, which I’ll be writing about in the next post.
  6. I went to the gym three times. In a rare turn of events, I made it to the gym three times in May. (Don’t be confused: Three is good for me!) This included one time where I went for strength training and did the 30-minute express circuit, and two times I went to run on the treadmill when it had gotten late.
  7. I went to yoga once. The class I attended was yoga conditioning at Soul Yoga Studio, which I really enjoyed and would like to go to again when I’m free on a Sunday.

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