April a high-mileage month for me


Once again, another month is halfway over before I get to my monthly wrap-up! I’ve been busy, and my schedule has included lots of running. Here’s some of what I did during April.

  1. I ran 129.76 miles in April. This was my highest monthly mileage of the year so far and not far off my highest monthly mileage ever, which was 140.5 miles in October 2017 — when I was also training for a marathon. My Vermont City Marathon training runs have definitely contributed to this higher-than-usual total.
  2. I ran three races. These were the Run for the Animals 10K, the Coastal Delaware Running Festival Half Marathon and the OCMD Island to Island Half Marathon.
  3. I paced two of those. I really enjoy pacing, and you can read about my experiences pacing at Coastal Delaware and Island to Island above. Pacers keep a consistent pace throughout a race, holding a sign the entire way in order to keep runners on track. I paced the 2:30 time at each of these.
  4. I did some yoga. I’ve gotten off track from my regular schedule, but I went to yoga at Soul Yoga Studio once during April, and I also went to a beer yoga class hosted by Yoga Vibez in Ocean City that was a lot of fun.
  5. I didn’t go to the gym at all. I’ve been tracking my gym visits along with my runs on Excel, and I didn’t log any visits for April. I do play rec softball, if that counts as cross-training, but I’m starting to think I’m wasting my money on a gym membership since I don’t go very often. Hopefully I can turn this trend around (but May is looking the same as April for that so far).
  6. I did some speed work. This included a 5K that I ran on my own for speed, a couple times in which I tried to run the last mile of a run fast, and a day in which I ran eight Yasso 800s on my way to 10. Read more on the 10 Yasso 800s, which I ran in May, in my next post.

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