Gear Review: See what was in my second 5kCrate box

Here are the items that came in my fall 5kCrate box. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

If you’ve been reading this blog for a little while, you may know that I subscribed to the 5kCrate after getting a chance to test it for BibRave. I love that this box includes items that aren’t food samples, because I pretty much already know what I want when it comes to race nutrition, and I don’t like all flavors.

It’s also fun to get an array of running surprises in the mail.

I received my second 5kCrate in mid-October, and I’ll be receiving my third one soon.

Here are the items I received in my latest shipment:

  • Knuckle Lights ($39.95)
  • Bokos Sandals ($19.95)
  • Swiftwick No-Show Compression Socks ($9.99)
  • RunGuard Anti-Chafe Stick ($3.00)
  • DirtyBird Recover Soap ($5.99)
  • Momentum Motivate Wrap ($23.95)
  • Greecie Girl Non-Slip Headband ($9.99)
Here I am showing off one of my Knuckle Lights COLORS. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

As in the first box, I received a postcard in the box with the above information on it, along with a handwritten note on the other side.

Overall, I thought the box again had a great variety of items that can really be put to use. Here’s what I thought about the different items:

Knuckle Lights: Since I also tested these for BibRave, I have a full review of these here. These are a great resource for any runner for lighting the way in the dark. Receiving them in the latest 5kCrate was also perfect timing because the time change — meaning more dark runs for me — came not long after that.

Bokos Sandals: These are the only thing I haven’t really used from the box yet, but only because I really love my OOFOS.

Swiftwick No-Show Compression Socks: I can always use another pair of socks! These seem to be good socks and they worked well for me. The ones I got don’t appear to be no-show, but that doesn’t matter to me.

I received these socks in my latest 5kCrate.

RunGuard Anti-Chafe Stick: Here’s another thing you can never have enough of as a runner! I had been used to using Body Glide, and this seems similar to me. It came in a portable size for traveling, too.

DirtyBird Recover Soap: I had never heard of recovery soap before receiving this box! Although it’s hard to compare how I would have felt without using the soap versus using it — I’m not sure if I noticed a huge difference — it does seem to be of good quality and I liked the smell. It also seemed to last a while. I did notice that it soon had a gritty texture, so just be aware of that if you’d like to buy it. After looking at the description and reviews, it looks like that’s supposed to be for exfoliating. I was basically using it as a regular soap, so if I were to get it again, I may use a regular soap for most washing and then rub this on my legs.

Momentum Motivate Wrap: I already had some Momentum Motivate wraps, and these are fun to wear during runs. I liked the saying, “Be Awesome Today,” and the colors — it came with a pink band and a black band.

Greecie Girl Non-Slip Headband: I love this headband! It’s such a fun pattern, and it seemed to stay put well during runs. I did notice that it seemed to stay put better when I did not wear glasses versus when I did (I usually wear contacts), but that could have been the way I put it on. I may look into getting more of these.

Here I am wearing my Greecie Girl headband. What a fun pattern! (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I’m looking forward to getting my next 5kCrate, which should be soon. I got an email today that said my order was getting ready to be shipped.

Here’s the Momentum Motivate Wrap that I received in my 5kCrate. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

Interested in subscribing? There are men’s and women’s 5kCrates, and the cost is $59.99 per quarter. That may sound like a lot — and it is a lot at once — but I think the quality and amount of the items, and the fact that it’s only quarterly, makes the price reasonable. If subscribing for a year, there is a discounted rate. (You can visit the website here if you’re interested – this is not an affiliate link.)

Want to read about the summer 5kCrate I tested for BibRave? Check that post out here. 

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