My goals for Saturday’s Crystal City Twilighter 5K (+ discount code)


I’m excited to run the Crystal City Twilighter 5K on Saturday, July 22! (Photo from previous event courtesy of Pacers Running.) 

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I’m excited to rock the orange — and the glow sticks — and run in my second BibRave race, the Crystal City Twilighter 5K in Arlington, Virginia, this Saturday!

I’ve already written a post about some of the cool attributes of this race (see that post here), so in this post, I’m primarily going to focus on my goals. Then, of course, I’ll write a wrap-up after the race — so check back!

Here are the basics, though, if you want to sign up:

WHEN: This Saturday, July 22, at 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: 2121 Crystal Drive, Arlington, Virginia (maps are available here)

COST: Adult – $40 (through today, July 19; bring the price down to $35 with $5 discount code 17cctBibRave); Military – $35; Youth – $25. The regular adult price goes up to $45 ($40 with discount code 17cctBibRave) starting Thursday, July 20.


CrystalCityTwilighter - 2.jpg
One of my goals is to have fun, which I doubt will be a problem at this race! Here’s a photo from a previous Crystal City Twilighter 5K. (Photo courtesy of Pacers Running.)

Now, to my goals.


Of course, my No. 1 goals are to have fun and finish the race. I am not worried about having fun or about finishing this distance, but finishing is always one of my goals, as I have struggled with heat issues in the past. Hot weather means slowing down if I need to.

It looks like it will be hot this weekend — and it is the summer — but I expect the later start time to help immensely. It always feels hotter when the sun is beating down on you, which will not be the case on Saturday night.

I put down a predicted time of 25:00. I think that’s extremely unlikely given my recent running and races, and I haven’t been focusing on speed work. I just did the I Thought They Said RUM 5K on Saturday, July 15 (I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about it yet), and my time was 28:06. That race started at 9 a.m., so I do expect to be able to go a little faster than that, although you never know.


This is the shirt I will be wearing at the Crystal City Twilighter 5K on Saturday! 

I think it’s likely I’ll finish somewhere in the 27s, which is the range in which I ran for my two previous 5Ks this year (eRACE the Stigma and the Tacky Prom 5K). Hitting anything below 27:49 would be my fastest 5K this year, and getting below 26:00 would be my fastest 5K in a while. I’m far off my PR, which I earned back in 2014.

No matter what time I get, I’ll be able to partake in beer, dancing, a photo booth, and the aforementioned glow sticks. I’m also excited to rep BibRave — look for me in my orange BibRave tank and Buff.


The Run Club Throw Down is also a fun idea. Learn more about the #rcthrowdown here, but there are different categories that contribute to point totals in Racing Clubs & Teams, Community Run Clubs and Pacers Neighborhood Fun Runs categories — including Smartest! It sounds like it will be a friendly competition.

I never run races with music, so I don’t plan to change tradition now, but I have listened to the Twilighter 5K Race Mix by Scorpio Entertainment on a couple of my recent runs (and in the car), and it’s awesome! It has a great beat for running. I downloaded the SoundCloud app to listen to it on my phone. I’m also planning to listen to it on the way over to get pumped up.

Remember — it’s the last day for the value rate (July 19), so what are you waiting for? Click here to register.  Use code 17cctBibRave to save $5 on regular adult registration.

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