Racing in a dress for the second time: Tacky Prom 5K 2017

From left, me, Lisa, Lindsay and Emily pose at the Tacky Prom Free 5K Fun Run in St. Michaels.

Well, it turns out I can run as fast in a dress as I can in more conventional running clothes.

Not everyone gets to test this out, but I ran in a dress for the Tacky Prom Free 5K Fun Run in St. Michaels on Sunday, May 15. I was excited to come back to this race after participating in TriCycle and Run’s Tacky Prom last year.

Here I am in my Tacky Prom dress!

TriCycle and Run hosts free 5Ks every month. Although it’s free, runners can still help the community by donating a certain type of product. For Sunday’s race, participants were asked to donate sunscreen for local watermen, and I brought one to donate.

It didn’t take me long to find that perfect prom dress. I tried on a few at the Goodwill in Salisbury and chose a hot pink one with an interesting sleeve on one side and some rhinestones. The cashier commented that it was bright.

I had certainly planned to wear shorts underneath the dress, which was an absolute necessity. As I ran, I had to keep pulling down the dress, which was riding up. I also wore a sports bra even though it was a one-shoulder dress because I needed that for the run. Since it was Tacky Prom, I figured it wouldn’t be a problem.

TriCycle and Run’s 5Ks take the same course each time (for the ones I have done, at least), with the first part in a neighborhood and then on a paved nature trail, so I was familiar with the course, even though I hadn’t been up for one of the free 5Ks in a while. The runs are also prediction runs, so the winners are those who come in within 10 seconds of their predicted time.

Lisa and I pose with one of the owners of TriCycle and Run, Jason Chance, after completing the 5K.

I predicted my time before running the eRACE the Stigma 5K the previous day, where I ran 27:49. My prediction was 27:00.

I ran without a watch, although I did run with my phone because I’d been using it for photos. I wasn’t using it as a timer, though.

My friend Lisa and I ran the first half of the race together and I stopped for a quick drink at the water stop, telling her I’d catch up. I didn’t quite catch up, but that was fine as I certainly didn’t want to hold her back.

Check out this front page! I’m on here twice. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I came in with a time of 27:54, just five seconds away from the time I’d run the previous day. As I was coming in toward the finish, I saw that I was extremely close to my eRACE the Stigma time.

After the 5K, my friends and I walked through town in our tacky dresses and had breakfast/brunch at Carpenter Street Saloon.

The next day, I saw that we were on the front page of The Star-Democrat, so of course I had to get some copies. That’s definitely a fun bonus, and I love when newspapers/the media recognize running!

The next free 5K at TriCycle and Run is the Father’s Day Free 5K Fun Run on June 18.

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