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Here I am showing off a SmellWell packet for the camera. (Self-timer photo)

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Nobody likes stinky shoes or clothes. However, stink comes with the territory when it comes to running.

Over time, I have noticed more stench in my running clothes than shoes, probably because I have socks on when I run, but the sweat goes directly onto my clothes. Unfortunately, I have also had the displeasure of taking a sweaty running shirt out of a car after it has been in there — not a good experience. However, I’m sure my shoes didn’t smell pristine before, either.

My Pink Zebra SmellWell packets are shown in my Brooks newspaper-patterned running shoes.  (Vanessa Junkin photo with Instagram filter)

When the opportunity came to opt-in for SmellWell through BibRave, I did — who doesn’t like things to smell better? I chose the Pink Zebra pattern. Check out the patterns here: there are plenty of bright, colorful ones, or if you’d rather have a plain color, there is one called Black Shadow.

In the letter I received with the product, SmellWell is described as a “moisture absorbing & odor eliminating shoe freshener.” There’s a whole list of other ways beyond shoes to use SmellWell on the product’s website

The website also highlights the fact that by using SmellWell, people aren’t putting chemicals in their shoes or on their clothes.

The website and letter do note to use the product overnight, so I wouldn’t expect a bad smell to disappear in five minutes, or even an hour.

I have had the SmellWell packets for just over a month, and I have not noticed any change in the packets’ smell. (The product’s website says SmellWell should stay fresh for 3-4 months.) I’m not exactly sure where the bad smell goes, because it doesn’t seem to transfer to the SmellWell packets.

First, I put the SmellWell packets in my disgusting shoes that I had worn for the Algonquin 50K. Later, I used them in my current running shoes.

Posing with my shoes close to my face — because I can!

As I mentioned, I can usually notice a bad smell on my running clothes if they are sitting in one place. I took two trips away from home where  I did a run since receiving the SmellWell. I went to my mom and stepdad’s place and did a run while there, and the following weekend I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington, D.C. half marathon. I put the SmellWell packets in with the sweaty clothes in a grocery bag both times. I’m planning to take the SmellWell with me on future trips where I know I’ll be running — which is usually anytime I take a trip.

The SmellWell packets have a strong scent and could easily be detected from a bit of a distance away. For example, I had one bag of clothes with the packets in it sitting on my steps leading downstairs, and I could smell the scent as I walked downstairs, without bending down to look inside the bag.

Although I still needed to wash my clothes, of course, the SmellWell packets did give them a fresher scent. Since I don’t wash my running shoes, it never hurts to have extra freshness. I didn’t normally sniff my running shoes before trying SmellWell, but when I did to test this product, I could smell the positive difference.

I used the SmellWell packets to freshen up clothes, too.

Want to freshen your running gear? Visit to buy SmellWell. Each set is just $9.99, and there is currently a deal in which you can buy three pairs of SmellWell packets and get one free.

You can also visit SmellWell on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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