Nine facts about my March running

I hit the 300-mile mark for 2016 on March 31. This picture was actually taken on a walk on April 1. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

It’s April Fools’ Day, but this post has nothing to do with April Fools. Really. It also happens to be the day after the last day of March, so I’m wrapping up my March running.

  1. I ran 79.21 miles. While less than January and February, I expected March’s total to be less because I did take some time off after running the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon.
  2. I took a week off of running. I had been having some shin splint issues, and I dealt with breathing issues during my marathon, but taking a week off seemed to really help me, at least with the shin splints (I’ve been running shorter distances so I haven’t really been able to tell if the breathing issue has changed). I felt great while running this week.
  3. I ran a marathon. If you missed my earlier posts on the Shamrock Marathon, check out Part 1: The VIP Experience and Part 2: Running the Marathon.
  4. I also ran another race: the Tim Kennard River Run. I love this race, and it was my first race of 2016. Read the recap here.
  5. I made it to 300 miles for the year. I was happy to hit the 300-mile mark on the last day of March. Even though my monthly mileage didn’t hit to 100, I’m still at an average of 100 miles per month, which is keeping me on track for my 1,200-mile goal for 2016.
  6. I ran in Dutch Country, Pennsylvania. Read about that hilly experience here.
  7. I met Bart Yasso, and talked to him at length. While this is included in my marathon posts, I think Bart deserves his own number in the roundup. He was so awesome and friendly!
  8. I got a Fitbit. I’ve been using my Fitbit for five full days and I love it already. I’ll save the details for a later post.
  9. I’ve been taking walks. While I did take a week off of running, I wanted to do something active, so I took a couple walks. I also took a walk today because I have the Fitbit and just had to get to my 10,000 steps. I’m actually really enjoying these walks!

P.S. I won a selfie stick at a family Easter egg hunt, so I thoroughly expect to be using that for this blog.

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