Running Year in Review: 2015

2015 had to be my slowest running year to date, but there were plenty of good things about my year of running.

Piano player
Here I am with the piano player on the Big Sur International Marathon course. There was a woman taking photos of runners here.

I ended up logging my slowest times in nearly every race distance. I’m not sure what my slowest 5K race time is, but it was probably this year. I also logged my slowest race times for the 10K, 10-miler, half marathon (that I finished) and marathon.

But I also really enjoyed my year of running. I had fun despite being slower this year. I didn’t end up going to the hospital for anything — on two prior occasions, I have landed in the hospital for heat-related running issues.

I ran 1,170.18 miles during the year, which was short of my goal of 1,200, but still my highest-ever mileage for a year. I just added up the past five years of mileage, 2011-2015, and I ran 4,634.9 miles during that time frame, which is fun to think about.

I did include walking in my race mileage, but only if it was during runs (i.e. walk-runs/walking breaks). I figure I count it in races; why not in training? But I don’t count the mileage if I am just taking a walk or walking somewhere.

I also didn’t hit my goal holding over from 2014 of breaking 50 minutes for the 10K, which will have to be a continued goal in 2016.

The only named goal that I did hit in 2015 was doing a monthlong running streak. It was my first one. (Here are eight takeaways from my first run streak.)

I got to go to California, a state I had never been to before, and run the Big Sur International Marathon.

I live-tweeted a race, which was fun and different.

I explored some cool places.

I won some cool awards, including a metal cat, a wooden buffalo and a growler for beer.

I got to meet some new-to-me runners, and I enjoyed runs with friends. I had fun volunteering at local races with the Eastern Shore Running Club, of which I became the secretary this year.

I ran 15 races in 2015 — 13 regular races and two races at the track. The breakdown was two one-milers, two 5Ks, an 8K, four 10Ks, two 10-milers, two half marathons and two marathons.

Here are recaps for each of them:

Tim Kennard River Run 10-miler

Run for the Animals half marathon

Big Sur International Marathon

3rd Wave Brewing Co. 5K

All-Comers Track Meet, 1600-meter race

Great Wyoming Buffalo Stampede 10K

All-Comers Track Meet, 1600-meter race (second of year)

Casey Cares 5K

Mike Sterling/Crab Derby 10K

Skipjack 10K

Dogfish Dash 8K

Baltimore Marathon

Across the Bay 10K

Redneck Romp 10-miler

Rehoboth Beach Seashore Half Marathon

To read my recaps of each month, go here. My next post will be a look forward at my goals for 2016.

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