Eight takeaways from my first run streak

I ran every day of June, completing my first real attempt at a run streak. I actually ran 32 days in a row, as I also ran the last two days of May.

RunStreak2I logged 92.21 miles during June, an average of about 3.07 miles per day. This included at least one mile per day, and while I’m nearly positive those one-milers were done without any walking, some of my other runs included some walking because of the heat. During some runs, I took breaks instead.

Here are some of my takeaways.

1. I completed one of my running goals for 2015. I wanted to run every day of any one month during 2015: Now that’s done. To meet my other two goals, I’ll have to run 1,200 miles this year and run a 10K in less than 50 minutes.

2. A run streak provides some real motivation. Once I had already run 22 days in a row, I wasn’t going to pass on getting at least a mile in on June 23, even though a storm had recently started when I arrived home from work. Worried about the lightning, I was encouraged to run faster, and logged the mile in about 8:01. This made me get out there every day.

3. However, I was not motivated to run long. Knowing that I had to run every day to meet my goal did not encourage me to do any long runs. I did plenty of short runs, with the longest run of the month being just under 6.5 miles. I did do seven 5-milers/5-point-something-milers.

4. I did a lot of short runs. Normally, I won’t bother going out if it’s just for a mile, but that’s part of the streak. There were seven days that I just ran one mile.

5. I did a lot of laundry. Running every day plus not having endless running shorts plus hot weather equaled a lot of laundry. If you’re going to embark on a streak, you’ll have to work this into your schedule.

6. My legs started to get tired. My legs seemed to feel a little more sluggish at times.

7. June worked out well. It was certainly a hot month to embark on a run streak, but it staying light out so late was essential to being able to run every day.

8. I ran about the same amount as I would in a normal month. Although I came up with the additional goal of trying to stay at an average of 3 miles or higher per day, which encouraged me to run a little more, I did about the same mileage as I would in a normal month. My 92.21 miles for June was in between my totals for January — 91.67 — and April — 93.5. March was a higher-mileage month, while February and May brought fewer miles.

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