Five facts about my September running

September is always a busy month for me when it comes to running, with a lot of races that I like to do happening during the month. I actually had to pick between two races I normally do that ended up on the same weekend this year.

Add to that my three longest runs of Baltimore Marathon training, and it was a packed month.

I made it to 900 miles for 2015 during my Monday long run. (Vanessa Junkin photo)
I made it to 900 miles for 2015 during my Monday long run. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

Here are some takeaways from September:

1. I ran 126.26 miles. During September, I ran 126.26 miles. Although I didn’t always log as much as I wanted to in shorter runs during the week, my long runs certainly helped add to this total.

2. My mileage got me back on track for my 1,200-mile goal. Although I never really got too far off track, I’m now at 910.88 miles for 2015, which puts me just ahead of where I should be to meet my 1,200-mile goal for the year. I need an average of 100 miles per month.

3. I did three races. I ran in the Mike Sterling/Crab Derby 10K, the Skipjack Run 10K and the Dogfish Dash 8K. Read recaps by clicking on the name of each race.

4. I ran my three longest runs of Baltimore Marathon training. I ran 19 miles on Sept. 7, 22 miles on Sept. 13 and 18.5 miles on Sept. 28. I did originally have 20 miles on the schedule for Sept. 27, but I felt good about logging this mileage, even though it did include some walking.

5. I got to explore an awesome new trail. I had fun — and got a great workout in — during a run on the Seneca Creek Greenway Trail.

Only 17 days until the Baltimore Running Festival!

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