Halfway through the June run streak

I’m halfway through the first real run streak I’ve attempted. I put up a brief attempt in January, but I’m much more serious this time.

I set a goal to run every day of any single month in 2015, and despite the heat, I decided June would be good.

I have run every day of June 2015 so far. (Vanessa Junkin photo)
I have run every day of June 2015 so far. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I’m not training for anything — meaning I won’t need those rest days as much after very long runs — and most importantly, it’s light out early in the morning until after 8 p.m. now, so there’s not much excuse not to get a run in.

So far, I have run every day of June — 15 days — which puts me at halfway. I’m at a total of 45.21 miles for the month, which is an average of 3.014 miles per day.

I haven’t had any trouble fitting in runs, as I only have to fit in at least a mile per day, and as I mentioned, it’s light out for plenty of time that I’m not at work. However, my legs sometimes feel tired, and I’ve been doing a lot of laundry. And, it’s been hot!

While I’m not planning to make an effort to continue the run streak past June, it’s an interesting experience so far. It is motivating me to run — even just a little bit — on days when I probably normally would have skipped it. And, I’m glad I’m following through on my goal.