I started bringing the mileage and speed back up in March

A blooming cherry tree in front of a house with the text "March" and "110.5."

After taking a little time off after the Algonquin 50K, March was a time for me to start rebuilding some mileage and speed.

  1. I ran 110.5 miles in March. I like to use 100 miles as kind of my baseline goal per month (even though I purposely don’t have a mileage goal so I can train and rest as needed), and I was glad to surpass that with a 110.5-mile month. My longest run of the month was 16 miles.
  2. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:24. At the time, this was my fastest of the year (spoiler alert for April!). I’m getting closer to that sub-8:00.
  3. I ran with the 11:30 Club three times. I was happy to run at lunch with the 11:30 Club three times in March. Whether this group is doing an easy run (for them) or interval work, it’s a good opportunity for me to work on my speed and run with great people.
  4. I ran my fastest two-miler since January 2021. Sometimes, I will run two miles for speed if I don’t have a lot of time or just want to see where I am. On March 15, I ran two miles in 18:25, which was my fastest since January 2021, when I ran the same time.
  5. I didn’t run any races. I didn’t participate in any races as a runner, but I was on the Tim Kennard River Run race committee and volunteered on race day.
  6. I did a first day of spring run to Rita’s. It’s always fun to do a run to an actual destination. On the first day of spring, I ran to Rita’s for my free ice, adding on a little bit, and then ran home, for a total of five miles.
  7. I took four yoga classes and did one DribbleUp class. I’m glad I have kept my yoga practice consistent, but I need to do more DribbleUp classes to work on my strength work.

It was a good month. On to the rest of April!