February: A good month of running

Now that we’re nearing the end of March, it’s finally time for my February running wrap-up. This seems to have been a trend lately, but March was a busy month!

In February, which now seems so long ago…

  1. I ran 90.1 miles. I was happy with this. I didn’t set a mileage goal and I took six full days of running/exercise off after the Algonquin 50K. After that, I eased back in.
  2. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:40. This was a little slower than my January 1600-meter run (8:34), but not too far off. I’m still hoping to run that sub-8:00 at some point this year.
  3. I ran two races. One of these was the Algonquin 50K, which I finally finished (despite unofficially) after two years of DNFs. The other was the Maryland-D.C. RRCA 10-Mile Club Challenge. I’ve run this race five times, and although it was my second-slowest of these, I was happy because I felt better than last year and cut more than three minutes off last year’s time.
  4. I did some fun runs. In one of these, a group of us spelled out “I Love U” and a heart with our course. In another fun run, the Eastern Shore Running Club celebrated Mardi Gras and Bob brought jambalaya. I also ran with Diana at Trap Pond and did a solo run in Ocean City.
  5. I did one DribbleUp class and two yoga classes. It wasn’t my best month of cross-training. I didn’t do much exercise other than running.

There’s now less than a week left in March, but it’s been a good month so far. Stay tuned!