August was a hot and humid, yet successful, month of running

As someone who doesn’t love running in the heat and humidity, I’m happy to wave goodbye to August. Here’s how the month went!

  1. I ran 100.04 miles. I realized I was getting close to 100 miles and ran five miles on each of the last two days of the month to make it just barely over 100.
  2. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:38. This was my third-fastest 1600 of the year!
  3. I did one race. This was the Naylor Mill 7K. I knew I wouldn’t be fast on this trail, but I felt good. Read my recap here.
  4. I ran my fastest two-miler in a while. In addition to the fast 1600, I also went out for a fast two-mile run one day and ran 18:31, my fastest since January 2021, the day before I got hit by a car.
  5. I participated in a group run with the Eastern Shore Running Club and Kent Island Running Group. I’m president of the Eastern Shore Running Club, and I met the Kent Island Running Group president earlier this year. We organized a group run for both of our clubs at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge on Aug. 13. It was fun! I ended up running with Michelle, who I’ve been right behind at two races.
  6. I participated in virtual Camp Run Happy. I was supposed to travel to Utah for Camp Run Happy with my Brooks Run Happy Team teammates, but because of a covid exposure, I decided it wouldn’t be safe/considerate to go (and then I didn’t end up getting covid). I was still able to participate in the virtual event and connected with teammates in fun ways!
  7. I did three yoga classes. This included one poolside yoga class and one that was part of Camp Run Happy.
  8. I did seven DribbleUp classes. I did these classes using a six-pound ball and an app. Although the classes are short, I definitely think they have been helping me build some strength. I need to get back on this for September!

Overall, it was a good month, and September is looking even better, as I’ve finally gotten a diagnosis for my coughing while running – irritable larynx syndrome. More on that later!

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