Getting faster and moving every day during March

I didn’t have any races during March, but I used the month as an opportunity to get faster and run in some different locations.

  1. I ran 90 miles. It’s always nice to hit 100 miles in a month, but I haven’t done that yet in 2021. I was happy with 90. I also happened to log exactly 90 miles in March 2020.
  2. I ran or walked at least one mile each day. I participated in a Delmarva Moms Run This Town streak and ran or walked at least a mile each day in March. This meant that in addition to my 90 running miles, I walked 12 miles (including two trash pickups with the Eastern Shore Running Club).
  3. I picked up trash along the Salisbury Marathon course. The Eastern Shore Running Club held four trash pickups along the race course, and I participated in two of them. I’m glad our club did this, and I hope we continue to pick up trash.
  4. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:30 — again. I went to the Bennett Middle track for my 1600-meter run on March 1, and my time was 8:30. This was the same time that I ran for February, and I ran 8:32 in January.
  5. I worked on my speed. I actually worked on my speed in March, and it paid off with my April 1600 (stay tuned, or check out my social media). In March, I still did a lot of easy-paced running, which is important, but I also did two fartlek runs, three fast two-milers and a 6×800-meter workout. I also felt like my paces in the 11s at the Eastern Shore Running Club runs started to feel more comfortable.
  6. I did my longest bike mileage in a day. My boyfriend, Mike, and I spent our 11th anniversary weekend in Rehoboth and Lewes. We biked from Lewes to Rehoboth and back, and I logged about 14.5 miles. Although there was a break in between, I think that’s the most I have ever biked in a day! I would probably bike more if we had a paved trail like Lewes has.
  7. I ran in a few different places. I ran in Quantico with Veronica, in Ocean City with Taylor, in Rehoboth and Lewes during my trip with Mike, and in Pittsville.
  8. I enjoyed the BibRave Proud Virtual Summit. It was a lot of fun to connect with my fellow BibRave Ambassadors! Read more about the virtual event weekend here.
  9. I did yoga twice. Both classes were from home, and I’m glad I was able to get some yoga in this month.
  10. I got new running shoes. I thought I was having some issues with my shins, but I think the problem may have been continuing to wear my running shoes after I was hit by the car. Maybe the impact messed them up somehow. I got new shoes and have felt great since.

We’re only four days into April, and it’s already been a successful running month so far. Stay tuned for my next post, on this past Saturday’s Salisbury Half Marathon.