Gear Review: XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses (+discount code)

Here I am running in my XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses on the NCR Trail (Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail) in Baltimore County. I got this photo with a self-timer! 

Disclaimer: I received XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

I rarely used to run in sunglasses. But after testing the XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses, I feel like a sunglasses convert!

I did my first run in the sunglasses on Feb. 18, and since then, I have worn them for other runs and both races I participated in since receiving the sunglasses — the Tim Kennard River Run and United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington, D.C. half marathon. I just ran the half marathon this past weekend, and I think I pretty much forgot I was even wearing sunglasses. I don’t recall thinking about them until I finished the race; I at least was not distracted by them at all.

In the past, I have bought cheap sunglasses that normally don’t last long and get scratched easily. So, I was happy to see that the XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses came with a very cushioned case. Since the sunglasses are better quality than other ones I’ve worn, I didn’t just throw them in my purse. Plus, they did come with a case, so I figured I should use it!

Here I am in my XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses in my car (parked at the time) after a yoga class. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

The sunglasses I received also came with a strap to wear behind them — the sunglasses stayed on fine without the strap for runs — a storage bag, and a couple extra nosepads and ends with a tool. I didn’t switch out the pieces and I didn’t need the strap.

We had a choice of color, and I chose the Hyper Pink. These are much more sporty than the sunglasses I’ve previously had, but they were perfect for running. When I decided to opt-in for this, I also figured they would be good for the coed softball team I’m on. I get to keep the sunglasses, and they will definitely come in handy once the season begins. In previous softball games, I sometimes didn’t bring sunglasses or a hat and had trouble with the sun shining in my face.

One thing I noticed about wearing these sunglasses is that it didn’t look darker when I looked through them — what I was seeing seemed to be the normal color. While on a drive recently, it was sunny, so I decided to wear some sunglasses and put them on. They weren’t the XX2i Optics sunglasses, and I had to take them off because they didn’t compare. There was a brown/different tint over what I was seeing and the sunglasses also didn’t fit well. The XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses work well for me for driving.

On some hotter days when I ran, I could feel sweat building up, but the sunglasses stayed on. I could also feel the breeze between my sunglasses and eyes.

For someone who hasn’t taken good care of her sunglasses in the past, I appreciate the padded case (shown underneath the sunglasses). (Vanessa Junkin photo)

There were a few times I saw a blue color/streak while wearing the sunglasses, but it wasn’t too distracting. I also wasn’t sure if this could have related to how I wiped them off. I also had to take off the sunglasses to look at my phone clearly.

I expect you’ll be seeing plenty more race photos of me in sunglasses from now on.

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