As the year speeds by, a March running recap

It was awesome running my first race for BibRave at the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington, D.C. half marathon! Here I am posing at the expo.

This year seems to be going by quickly. A quarter of the year is already behind us! Here are some takeaways from my March running.

  1. I ran 79.11 miles. This is not a great monthly total for me, and it contributes to putting me behind on my goal to run more than last year (I need to be averaging more than 100 miles a month, and I have yet to hit that number in a month this year). However, it’s not the end of the world — I know I’ll be logging more miles later this year, when I’m marathon training.
  2. I did a good amount of cross-training. Where I lacked in miles, I succeeded when it came to other workouts. I went to Powerhouse Gym six times in March, which I’m happy with. That was for three spin classes and three barre classes. I also took yoga classes at Soul Yoga Studio four times during March.
  3. I participated in two races. These were the Tim Kennard River Run 10-miler and the United Airlines Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington, D.C. half marathon. 
  4. I ran my first race for BibRave. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Washington, D.C. half marathon was my first race for BibRave. As a BibRave Pro, I was able to get free entry to the race, and it was really cool to be able to rep BibRave, post about the race and experience this event.
  5. I also wrote my first gear review for BibRave. There are a good amount of firsts in this month’s wrap-up! Read my review of the XX2i Optics France2 sunglasses.
  6. I didn’t do very well with my water intake. I’ve been tracking my water consumption in an effort to drink more water and be more hydrated, and unfortunately, I only hit my goal 10 of 31 days in March. I’ll have to do better in April!

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