Add WhitePaws RunMitts to your winter running wardrobe (+ discount code)

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A pair of purple WhitePaws RunMitts are shown with a pair of Brooks Adrenaline running shoes to the left and an orange and gray BibRave winter hat to the right.
WhitePaws Double Velour Fleece RunMitts are pictured with other winter running gear — shoes and a warm hat. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

If you’re like me and run hot, WhitePaws RunMitts would be a great addition to your winter running wardrobe. The reason? These mittens envelope your whole hands — there’s no thumb — but they are easy to flip back and pull down if your hands get warm.

I don’t always wear mittens when other runners are wearing theirs, and I was the only one who showed up in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt to an outdoor cleanup event my running club held today. But there are definitely times when I need mittens. However, I might not need them for the entire run. Of course, these work if you run cold and would like to wear full mittens the entire run, too.

I received the Wind and Water Resistant RunMitts in size small to test for BibRave. I did select size small, primarily based on a small I have from a different brand that’s roomy. I wore them during a run, and while I could see they were a sturdy product that was keeping the light snow away, they were too tight on my hands.

Vanessa Junkin, wearing purple WhitePaws RunMitts, gestures to a sign that says "Slow No Wake" with a runner in a yellow diamond sign underneath.
I found this fun sign during my run in Lewes.

I wanted to have some RunMitts that fit well, and I also wanted to support the brand. This is a woman-owned, Black-owned, Maryland-based small business with a cool product.

So, I used the BibRave discount code — $5 off 2020 mittens with code “BIBRAVE5” — and ordered some of the Double Velour Fleece RunMitts in purple — and in medium. These fit perfectly! I got them just as the weather was starting to get warmer, but I did wear them during my recent trip to Rehoboth and Lewes with my boyfriend, Mike, to celebrate our anniversary. I wore them during a walk to a restaurant for dinner, pushed back while I rode my bike, and also for a run in Lewes.

These mittens cover the entire hand when on. The top can easily be folded back, and once open, the RunMitts can be pushed back onto the wrist. Then, if the runner’s hands get colder again, it’s easy to pull the RunMitts back up and over the hands. There is also a pocket inside that can be used for a hand warmer. I haven’t used that part of the RunMitts yet, but it’s definitely a smart idea for those super cold days.

A good reminder when choosing your size is that your thumb will be in the RunMitts with your fingers. I measured the RunMitts I have, and the small is 4 inches across in a slick fabric, while the medium is 4.5 inches across in a fleece fabric. That half inch really makes a difference!

If I measure just across my four fingers at the knuckle, that’s about 3 inches. But if measure my fingers and the thumb next to it, that’s about 4. The 4.5-inch width allows a little bit of room so my hands have some room to move, and it also makes it easier to flip the top of the mitten back.

I love the bright purple color that I chose for the Double Velour Fleece RunMitts, which are $35. These also come in red, black, pink, gray and navy. The Wind and Water Resistant RunMitts are $40 and come in black. When I ordered the purple RunMitts, these were out of stock in medium and large, but they are back in stock now.

There are also Wickn’Dry RunMitts for warmer days. These are $35 and come in cranberry, gray, black and navy. There are also masks and gaiters for sale on the website.

Here I am showing the versatility of the WhitePaws RunMitts.

All of these mittens come in small, medium and large, and they can be machine washed and dried, according to the website.

Something to note: The first day I went out in my WhitePaws RunMitts, I was planning to bring a water bottle, but I couldn’t grip it without the use of my thumb. If you want to keep your entire hand covered, you probably won’t be able to hold something.

If you’d like to order a pair of the 2020 WhitePaws RunMitts, use code “BIBRAVE5” to save $5. The code is good through March 31, 2021. Learn more and order at

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