Celebrating Christmas through running

I left for my run at about 7:40 a.m. today — Christmas — to get in some miles before I enjoyed a nice breakfast with family, a gift exchange and what I’m sure will be plenty of other food today.

The day off from work pretty much ensured I would run, and I’m still thinking about going for my 1,200-mile goal for the year. (I’m 46.25 miles away now.) It was somewhat quiet and very foggy on my run today in Hampstead, Maryland, but I did see two other runners during my 5.5 miles. It wasn’t cold at all!

Here’s a Nike Running screenshot of the Rudolph Run on Dec. 17. 

I’ve also done some other fun runs this month. On Dec. 17, I joined with four friends for the second Rudolph Run. The course is set up to look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, complete with the ending red dot on the nose.

Thankfully, my friend Chris kept us on track, and I didn’t have to remember all the turns. I was also running slower than the rest of the group, but they stopped a few times to wait for me so I was able to keep my nice Rudolph course.

We enjoyed hot chocolate and cookies afterward — yum!

On Dec. 22, I did a Christmas lights run around Salisbury. The Winter Wonderland of Lights is set up in the Salisbury City Park, so I went by those and also went past the Christmas lights set up in downtown Salisbury, the Christmas tree and even a menorah. (I celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah.)

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During that run, I actually didn’t use a watch or an app, and that made the run even more fun — enjoying it without tracking it. (Of course, I looked it up on Map My Run afterward, and I was just short of 4 miles.)

Merry Christmas, and enjoy your run today if you’re able to get one in!




3 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas through running

  1. The Rudolph run sounds like lots of fun. About 9 of us ran here on Christmas Day . The weather has been great here in western Pa. Looks like a couple more days of warm temps. Enjoy!


    1. It was! Glad you had a nice Christmas day run and have also been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather. I’m going to make sure to get a few more runs in before it gets cold!


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