Small feet, big calves review of Extreme Fit compression socks (plus, a giveaway)

Vanessa Junkin, wearing a gray BibRave tank and shorts, kneels with one leg up, holding a doughnut and shows a sock with a doughnut design on it.

Disclaimer: I received multiple pairs of Extreme Fit Compression Socks and other gear to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

A little more than a month ago, I got a generous package in the mail from Extreme Fit. It included 15 pairs of socks, a cloth mask, elbow sleeves and ankle sleeves.

This was certainly a lot more than I was expecting. I actually got so many that I will be doing a giveaway for a lucky winner (details below).

I didn’t wear compression socks that often before opting in to try this product, but I decided to opt-in because of the fun patterns (you can check them all out here). From pizza to holidays, there are socks that fit all kinds of interests.

My favorite designs on the site were the Catfish Compression Socks, which feature cats and fish bones, and the set of three Sweet Tooth Compression Socks, which include pairs each featuring doughnuts, cupcakes and ice cream cones.

In addition to those, the other socks I received were Run+ socks in red, neon and blue, a pair of Run+ Reflective Compression Socks, six pairs of Ultra V-Striped Compression Socks (low-cut), and a pair of Ultra V-Striped longer compression socks.

Vanessa Junkin, a female runner, poses with her hands on her hips in a red tank top, gray herringbone shorts and long blue socks.
I made the blue Run+ socks part of my Fourth of July run at Trap Pond State Park.

My running shoe size is a women’s 8, while my regular shoe size is a women’s 7. I knew I had larger calves, but I decided to go with the smaller-sized socks because of my foot size. Since ordering these, I got a measuring tape and found that the largest part of my calves is about 15.5 inches.

Unfortunately, this put me kind of in-between sizes.

For the Run+ socks, which were my favorites, these are the listed sizes on the packaging:

  • S/M: Women’s shoe size of 5.5-8.5/calf size of 9-15 inches; Men’s shoe size of 5-9/calf size of 9-15 inches.
  • L/XL: Women’s shoe size of 8-15.5/calf size of 14-19 inches; Men’s shoe size of 8-14 and a calf size of 14-19 inches.
I got this posed photo of myself running at the Blades trail in the Run+ neon socks.

The low-cut socks were listed with the same sizes (excluding the calf sizes since they don’t go up that far), but the foot part of the sock was longer.

The sizes for the Sweet Tooth socks are listed on the packaging as:

  • S/M: Women’s shoe size of 6-9.5/calf size of 9-15 inches; Men’s shoe size of 5-9.5/calf size of 9-15 inches.
  • L/XL: Women’s shoe size of 10-13.5/calf size of 14-19 inches; Men’s shoe size of 10-12.5/calf size of 14-19 inches.

The sizes for the socks on the website are different.

The first pair of socks I tried on were the Catfish ones. I could get them on, and compression socks are supposed to be tight, but the sock seemed a little too tight. The cat, which is sewed into the socks, was very stretched out. I noticed the reflective part being stretched out when I tried on a Run+ Reflective sock.

Three socks stacked on top of each other to show differences in sizing.
Different socks may fit you differently. This shows one of the Run+ socks (top), a Sweet Tooth sock (middle) and a Run+ Reflective sock (bottom).

However, I had so many more to try on. What I ended up finding was that because of my large calves that were a little bigger than the size range, the ones without the designs — which are all sewn in — looked less stretched out and seemed to fit better. However, I have been running in the Run+ socks as well as the Sweet Tooth ones, and I’ve gotten a couple compliments on the fun Sweet Tooth designs.

Because of the tightness of the socks, the Sweet Tooth ones did leave imprints of the designs on my legs after I took them off. The foot part of the socks are also a little big for me.

I did wear the low-cut Ultra V-Striped Compression Socks for some runs, but the foot part of the socks were too big, so I had some extra fabric in the foot. The S/M socks actually fit my boyfriend better than they did me, and he is a size 11.5-12.

If you are interested in these socks and are size L/XL, there’s a chance the S/M could fit better. These are the socks on my size women’s 7 (regular shoe)/8 (running shoe) feet.

When I first got these socks, I was struggling with on-again/off-again shin splints. I did still have issues during my first run in the long compression socks, but I had a great run wearing another pair of the socks for a July 4 run.

I wore the long socks for trail runs at Trap Pond (which isn’t too technical of a trail), Naylor Mill and Blades, where I thought they could serve an additional purpose keeping bugs away from that area. I also wore the socks for a bike ride after the Blades run.

The Extreme Fit website says the Run+ socks, in particular, can be used in these ways:

  • Increase oxygen blood flow to energize your legs pre-run 
  • Enhance athletic performance while running
  • Aid in recovery after running.

These are the key benefits listed with various socks on the website:

  • The Snug-fit encourages proper blood flow.
  • Prevents from causing blood clotting
  • Supports lower leg to alleviate tension
  • Helps relieve symptoms caused by varicose veins, skin ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis.
  • Designed to reduce ankle and foot swelling.
  • Wicks away moisture.
Here I am after finishing a run at Pemberton Park in my Extreme Fit ice cream socks.

I’ve never really known how to see/feel the benefits of compression socks immediately, but I have not been noticing shin pain as much on my runs (until, of course, I was thinking about that and then did notice it yesterday), which could also be due to doing many of my runs with run-walk intervals because of the heat.

I also received a mask (I gave this to my boyfriend as it was loose on me and it fit him out of the bag) and elbow and ankle sleeves. I haven’t tried those yet, as I was focusing on the socks and have not been having problems with my elbows or ankles. Some of the socks also came in an Extreme Fit drawstring backpack.

Check out the Extreme Fit website for many varieties of socks, and save 20 percent with code BRP20 when you spend $50 or more.

Prices vary depending on what you choose (some socks are sold in packs, for example), but much (if not all) of the items on the website are currently marked down. Some of the individual socks are $14.99 or $19.99 a pair on sale, with three-pair sets for $29.99 — some are even less.

Also, enter my giveaway for two pairs of socks below!

Two pairs of socks, one black and gray and one red, against a wood floor background.
Enter to win these two pairs of Extreme Fit socks!

The socks included in the giveaway are:

The giveaway is open to U.S. residents ages 18 or older and will close at 12:00 a.m. July 30.


Update – July 30: The winner of the giveaway is Amber Hensley. Congrats, Amber!

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