Cozy and convenient: Handful’s The Closer Bra (+ discount code)

Disclaimer: I received The Closer bra from Handful to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

In November, when I attended The Running Event‘s TRE Influencer Day as a BibRave Pro, one of the partner brands was Handful, and I got to bring home a Y-Back Bra.

You won’t often find me posing in a sports bra, but I figured I should show what The Closer bra looks like on.

I was impressed by the sports bra and hoped BibRave would partner with Handful again. They did, and this time, I got to test Handful’s new bra, The Closer.

Both the Y-Back Bra and The Closer bra are made of such a comfortable, soft fabric. I can wear the bras while running and basically forget they are there. The Closer bra also features mesh straps and an adjustable back.

This bra has a front zipper, which is a nice perk after finishing a run. You can just zip it off rather than having to squeeze out of it. There is also a clasp on the inside of the zipper.

There are also removable pads. They come out easily in the wash (or you could take them out before you wash it), but they are easy to put back in and don’t get all twisted up like in some bras. They are also marked as right and left.

I received the bra in the Keepin’ It Teal color, and I liked it so much that I ordered another one in Booya Black with a BibRave Pro discount, along with another Y-Back Bra. The Closer bra also comes in Spoon Me, a light gray.

This may be TMI, but this is a post about a bra, and you’ve already read this far. The first week I got this bra, I actually wore it for a few workouts in a row. It did not seem to get super stinky very easily. It also wasn’t super hot, and I wouldn’t recommend this, but it did work.

While we’re on the topic of TMI, I am generally a 34D bra size and normally wear medium in clothing (often a large in women’s running shirts). I chose the medium size and it is a good fit for me. The medium was also what I had ordered for the Y-Back Bra.

I wore The Closer bra in Keepin’ It Teal for the Tim Kennard River Run and had no problems. Then, I wore the newer Booya Black bra for the Salisbury Marathon on Saturday. I don’t remember feeling any chafing around the bra during the run, but after 26.2 miles, I did have some chafing near the top of the zipper in the front. I hadn’t experienced any chafing previously with The Closer bra.

Because I was running a long distance, I did put on extra Body Glide, but I didn’t put any in the area where I chafed because that has not happened before. So, I think that could easily be solved with some Body Glide or an adjustment with the straps in the back.

Here are The Closer bras in Booya Black (left) and Keepin’ It Teal (right).

I’m glad I did not suffer from any chafing around the band. I have had some bad chafing experiences with non-Handful bras and I think I might have a permanent discoloration around that area.

The Closer bra is $58, but you can save 10 percent with code “BIBRAVE.” That brings the cost down to $52.20. There’s free shipping on orders over $75, so you may want to get two or look around the site.

That is somewhat pricey for me for a bra, but I generally look for bargains, and these are nice. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you get one!

Learn more at and remember to use code “BIBRAVE” to save 10 percent!

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