My February running: Two races and almost two weeks off

I told myself after the Algonquin 50K, I’d take two weeks off. I pretty much did (I took 13 days off), and I think it really helped!

  1. I ran 70.15 miles in February. I did run the 50K, as noted, but with my 13 days off afterward, I ended up with a lower-than-usual mileage month of 70.15 miles. And I’m cool with it!
  2. I did two races. These were the Algonquin 50K (which I finished unofficially, learning afterward that I wasn’t supposed to be β€” read the full story if you click on the race name) and the Maryland-D.C. RRCA 10 Mile Club Challenge.
  3. I ran my fast 1600 in 8:27. I got to run this on the Salisbury University track, for a change, and came in one second faster than I did in January.
  4. I took off from running for 13 days. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis and went to get help for it in mid-January. I went to see Dr. Jamrok at Peninsula Orthopaedic Associates, and his advice has really helped me. He also had custom soft orthotics made for me, which I have been enjoying running with. My plantar fasciitis is not 100% gone, but it has vastly improved. I think this rest time was a nice reset.
  5. I did two more fun word runs. As I noted in my January recap, I’ve been running some fun courses in which the map spells out a word. In February, a group of friends and I ran a course in memory of Carmon Molnar (course created by Carla), and the next day, a group did a Gold N Girl run (course created by Kendra).
  6. I went to three yoga classes. I used some of my rest time to do more yoga β€” I went to three classes β€” and I also got in some walks.

Onto the rest of March!

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