Gear Review: Testing the transforming Turtle Gloves (+ discount code)

Disclaimer: I received Turtle Gloves TURTLe-FLIP Running Mittens to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

Here I am after an Eastern Shore Running Club group run (at least one run that was in below-freezing temperatures) showing two ways to wear the Turtle Gloves.

I learned about Turtle Gloves when I attended The Running Event in Austin, Texas, for TRE Influencer Day as a BibRave Pro in November. I took home a free pair of the TURTLe-FLIP Mittens and thought they were cool. So, I was excited for the chance to get some BibRave orange-colored Turtle Gloves.

The coolest thing about Turtle Gloves TURTLe-FLIP Running Mittens is their many uses. Within seconds, the wearer can easily change them from mittens to fingerless mittens and then to a cuff or arm warmer.

The gloves can go on either hand, but I found the flipping was easier if I had the flippable part facing in. Then, I just had to pull that part up over the top of my fingers, and they became fingerless mittens. I’m able to do this as I run.

The TURTLe-FLIP Mittens that I received at The Running Event from the rep that was there were the TURTLe-FLIP Mittens – Midweight Winter Trail. These were black and have 13.1 in an oval on the part that goes around the wrist. The orange TURTLe-FLIP Mittens that I received to test for BibRave are similar — they are midweight and are the same size, small, but they are Winter Soft instead.

The Winter Soft mittens are made with a different fabric on the outside. However, both pairs of mittens are fleece on the inside.

Although I now have two pairs of Turtle Gloves, I’m going to write about the orange ones that I received to test for BibRave.

I enjoy repping the BibRave orange, and I think the orange color definitely made the mittens noticeable. Fellow runners asked about them at group runs.

I received the Turtle Gloves on Feb. 19, so it’s been almost three weeks. In those three weeks, I really don’t think it has been that cold here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I “run hot,” as they say, normally opting for less clothing or layers than fellow runners.

Because I was testing them, there were times I wore the Turtle Gloves even if I wouldn’t have normally worn gloves or mittens. There were some runs when I started out with them, only to not need them for the rest of the run.

According to the Turtle Gloves website, “Midweight recommended for everyday use and for running below freezing temperatures. (Recommended to about 25F, tested as low as 15F by runners.)”

I didn’t do much running in below-freezing temperatures since receiving the gloves — I can recall at least once that I did, and it was helpful to have them. I also wore them for a 15-or-20-minute-ish walk each way to and from dinner with my boyfriend.

The gloves definitely kept my hands warm in the temperatures that I ran or walked in. I remember at the beginning of one run, my thumb was cold, but it warmed up not long into the run.

Since I got the small size at The Running Event, I went with that again when selecting my size for my second pair. They were a little roomy, but I figured if I went down to extra small, those might be too small. The website says small works for most women.

These are the sizes available on the website for this type of TURTLe-FLIP mitten:

  • Y Youth – Youth about 8-12 years, women with very small hands
  • XS  Extra Small – Women with narrow hands but long fingers, teens
  • S  Small – Most women wear Small
  • M/L  Medium/Large – Most Men wear M/L
  • XL  Extra Large – for very large hands

It’s also nice that the mittens extend several inches up each wrist. This ensures there is no exposed skin in between. They can also be used as arm warmers, although I haven’t used them in that way yet.

I washed them in the washing machine more than once, and they were fine.

Here I am showing the Turtle Gloves TURTLe-FLIP Mittens as the fingerless mittens.

I’ve also appreciated how much Turtle Gloves has interacted with my and my fellow BibRave Pros’ posts on their product. Turtle Gloves also sent us some swag items along with the mittens — a bag, a koozie, a pen and a sticker.

The orange TURTLe-FLIP Running Mittens – Midweight Winter Soft retail for $28.99 at Save 15 percent with code “TurtleBibRave” — that brings the price down to $24.64. The code is good for 15 percent off an order, so if you want more than one item, or a different item, it will work.

If you’re running in colder temperatures or in warmer temperatures but still want to wear mittens, there are also lightweight and heavyweight options available here.

Here are the Turtle Gloves along with the other swag items I received from the brand. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

I enjoyed testing these and recommend them. I am looking forward to using them when I have a full winter to do so!

See my video that shows me changing between different uses of the Turtle Gloves here.

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