Gear Review: Knuckle Lights great for dark nights (+discount code and giveaway!)

Here I am showing off one of my Knuckle Lights on a rainy day. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

Disclaimer: I received Knuckle Lights COLORS to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!

I waited so long to get a head lamp. I figured if I was running in the dark, I was normally running with other people, and I didn’t really need one. I did eventually get one, but I never loved it.

The Knuckle Lights that I have had the chance to test, though, are awesome. I received two pairs around the same time — I got a pair through BibRave and I got a pair in my 5kCrate (which I subscribed to; a gear review on the latest box will be forthcoming). They were both the same color and everything. Since I don’t need two pairs, I will be giving one away — read on!

My Knuckle Lights are pink, and other color choices are blue and black. The lights themselves are not colored — the plastic part is the colored part.

Here I am with the Knuckle Lights after a recent group run. (Self-timer photo)

To change the setting between high, low and blinking, you just click a button on the top. I’ve been using the high setting the most. For some reason, I started out skipping the first setting and using the lower setting thinking that was the high setting (this was user error by me — nothing that’s the fault of Knuckle Lights), but the high setting is the first one you get to. The lights include 120 total lumens.

I’m not a morning person, so I do most of my weekday running after work. At this time of year, that means I’m doing my weekday runs in the dark. I enjoy having the Knuckle Lights not only to light my path, but also to be even more visible.

I have noticed the light from the Knuckle Lights becomes more obvious the darker it is. For example, I do group runs around the perimeter of a college campus, where it is lit. I have been carrying the Knuckle Lights, but I noticed their effect more when I have gone into some of the darker neighborhood roads.

One time, I ran up and back on a road before the group run, and the Knuckle Lights even showed me some roadkill that was unfortunately there — I’m glad I didn’t step in it.

Here’s a closer view of one of the Knuckle Lights. (Vanessa Junkin photo)

The headlamp used to leave a mark on my forehead, but the Knuckle Lights just slip on my hands with an adjustable band. I currently have mine on the smallest size setting, and even though I do curl my fingers in when I use them, I don’t really need to hold tightly. It’s not like holding a phone or water bottle.

They can also be worn in the rain, although it only rained once while I used them. They’ll work even in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees Celsius, which equals -4 degrees Fahrenheit. I should be good here in Salisbury, Maryland.

I don’t remember it ever getting that cold — so I looked up the low temperatures and found some record lows on Intellicast. According to this site, the lowest was -5 degrees Fahrenheit, back in 1957! Plus, if it were ever that cold, I think I’d opt for the treadmill — or a rest day (if I’m not on a run streak).

I am guilty of losing things at times, so I think it’s great that the Knuckle Lights connect to each other magnetically. I also personally like the light placement of the Knuckle Lights being on my hands rather than on my forehead.

The batteries (regular AA ones) also come with the Knuckle Lights. The lights retail for $39.99, but you can save 15 percent with the code “BIBRAVEPRO” at the Knuckle Lights website. If you’d like to buy Knuckle Lights or learn more, visit

Join @BibRave@KnuckleLights, fellow BibRave Pros and me (@VanessaJunkin) for #BibChat on Twitter this Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time!

Here is the set of Knuckle Lights COLORS that I am giving away! (Vanessa Junkin photo)

And… now for the giveaway! As I mentioned, I am giving away an unopened pair of the pink Knuckle Lights COLORS. There are various ways to enter at the Rafflecopter link below.

The official rules are in the giveaway, but you do need to live in the United States to be able to win and be over the age of 18. My immediate family and household members are not eligible to win. There are various ways to get entries, and the giveaway will close at 12:00 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 7.

I will email the winner, and the winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize. If I do not hear from that winner, a new winner will be chosen.

UPDATE 12/7/17: The randomly-chosen winner is Lacie Love Hester! Thank you to all who entered, and if you would like to buy Knuckle Lights, remember that you can save 15 percent with code “BIBRAVEPRO” at


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  1. I was doing my training runs before work so once daylight savings hit, I was in the dark. I tried a headlamp but I don’t like how tight it is so these would be nice!

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  2. I also have a headlamp that I use to set up my transition areas for triathlons but I don’t use it too run in the dark I just have a blue nking light on sneaker. I don’t like to use the headlamp because I feel like a dork. The knuckle lights would be better.

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