Eleven facts about my February running

Leap Day Run
I found this fun Snapchat filter to help document my Leap Day run today, Feb. 29. (Screenshot)

It’s the last day of a longer February than normal. I wasn’t planning on running today, because I already had sore calves, but I figured I probably should because the next time I’ll get this rare opportunity is in 2020! So, here are some takeaways from my February running.

  1. I ran 110.21 miles. This is surprisingly consistent with my January mileage of 110.9.
  2. I ran 15 days. Ideally I should be running more days than 15 a month, but at least February is a short month. That’s also consistent with January, in which I ran 16 days.
  3. It’s getting lighter later. Which is AMAZING!
  4. I did my three longest runs of marathon training. These were 19 miles, 18 miles and 20 miles. The Yuengling Shamrock Marathon is now only 20 days away!
  5. I did an epic snow run. This nearly-daylong adventure was well-documented here.
  6. I explored a new trail. Read about the Algonquin Cross-County Trail here.
  7. I got used to running on the treadmill again. I did three treadmill runs during February.
  8. I ran on Leap Day. As mentioned above, I got in 2.9 miles for Leap Day. I wasn’t going to run, but the hype and looking at social media convinced me to.
  9. I still need to do more strength training. I only did one session of “6 Week Six-Pack” this month. Oops.
  10. I did do a little cross-training. Because of bad shin splints one day, I did about 20 minutes on a sitting bike. I think I should add more cross-training into my workouts.
  11. I stayed at about the same weight and ate out too much. I weigh just slightly more than I did at the end of January, but I didn’t quite meet my goal of eating out only twice in February. I think I ate out six times for work lunches, but at least one of those was free (a Chipotle burrito) and one was very cheap (a grab-and-go sandwich at Salisbury University). But I didn’t eat out of the vending machine at work at all this month, so that’s an accomplishment.

Well, for a short month, I had a lot to say. Onto March!

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  2. Sounds like a great running month! Hope rest of training goes well, though you will be at taper time here real soon. Good luck!

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